About Koritsia

As a whole, Kosmeo magazine seeks to encourage women as they walk in their journey with Jesus Christ. We seek to follow Titus 2, which commands older women to be reverent, to teach what is good, and to train young women to be loving, self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive. God’s purpose in these commands is not for us to look perfect on the outside. His purpose is for us to be the witnesses that He has called us to be, showing the glory of the Lord and His Word to a dying world.

The local church is the ideal community in which to fulfill these commands. When we look around us in our sanctuaries, we meet older women who have gone before us. These women can share their wisdom and be a source of mentoring and encouragement to us in our tough trials. Likewise, in our local churches, we also find ladies who are younger than ourselves.  These friendships give us the opportunity to fill the role as mentor, encouraging someone else through the seasons we have already experienced. Here at Kosmeo, we sing the truth of Titus 2  and exhort every woman to walk into a multigenerational community within her local church.

With respect to the local church, we also want to extend the invitation for our younger readers to Koritsia, a branch of Kosmeo that seeks to encourage younger women ages 12 – 17 in their walk with Jesus Christ. We may not be a part of your local church, but as followers of Jesus, we are all part of His global church. And, in this global community, our goal is to inspire younger women to cling to their Savior, and walk the narrow road, being transformed into His image day by day.

Young women, we welcome you to Koritsia! We pray this section of our magazine leads you toward a passion for Jesus, and heartens you to find your source of life in His Word.