Spring 2024

We are the Flock

By Elisabeth Bugnet

When you walk down the mountains
With dark and leafy forests,
Glance sideways at the pastures,
Where sheep are grazing farthest.

They’re like the clouds in the sky,
They’re like the foam of waves at shore.
They live a simple, peaceful life
And never ask for more.

They eat the grass that God provides
And clothe us with their wool.
We are the flock of Jesus Christ
We should be humble too.

We should be glad of what we got,
Some people have much less.
Stop being greedy, because sheep
Give up their wool, their flesh and bones

All sheep are led by their pastor,
We need a shepherd even more.
It’s up to people to decide,
To follow him, get saved, or not.

Next when you walk the mountains,
With pretty views of fields
Just stop and look down at the plains,
And think, are you an errant sheep?

About the Author

Elisabeth Bugnet is a 12 year old homeschooled girl who lives in London, UK where there are a lot of parks and nature reserves right next to the city. She loves horse riding, soccer, painting and writing, playing piano and guitar, composing her own songs, doing ballet, gymnastics and drama school. When she grows older she wants to become a vet or a science teacher, inspired by her favorite writer James Herriot who was a vet himself. She desires to take on caving, rock climbing and cross-stitching.