December 2023

The Ways of Peace

By Lydia Joy

Is life not like the ebb of the tide,
An ocean seeming vast before your eyes?
For waves will come, to crash upon the shore
But once they have gone, peace will grow all the more.

Is life not like the skies and the wind,
When thunder rolls and lightning flames to win?
But lo the wind comes forth to sweep them away,
And to paint all the heavens in dazzling array.

For the sun will shine forth, eager and rested
To be treasured and all the more blessed.
The shores, then so wet, are now quite crested,
For peace has a home, and your hopes have been tested.

Is life not like a bird, yea, a little like a jay
That flies as it talks in complete disarray.
But its home it will find, and peace comes at last.
So now like our own hearts, whose unrest away is cast.

Because of His sacrifice, paid all and through,
That you might be saved and yes with me too!
So now like the dove if you fly straight to Him,
You will find peace that can come only then.

About the Artist

Lydia Joy is 12 years old and loves to write (and read!) stories and poems. She lives on a little farm with dogs, goats, chickens, and one fluffy cat. Her favorite summer pastime has been caring for and cuddling six baby goats! Lydia also loves learning and playing the piano and guitar.