December 2022 / January 2023

From Night to Light

By Lydia Joy

When all around you, the night seems dark and dim
When trial and loss seem to hang from every limb,
Behold a spark, a ray,
When peeps out from her vail, the day.

She shines with an exquisite light,
And the glory of her smile is bright,
 Her radiant face is lifted high
To rouse those who in bed still lie.

And to our Lord, Savior, and King,
Who reigned and ruled where angels sing,
Came down to earth and gave us His light,
We to whom have least of the right.

His body was broken on the tree,
That we might live, both you and me.
From King to humble servant, He came,
Healing the blind and helping the lame.

Coming from hall of marble and stone
To stable floor where animals roam.
But on that night the angels sang,
And through the dim their music rang
Proclaiming the birth of Christ, the King,
So even the dark of night shall sing.

About the Artist

Lydia Joy is 12 years old and loves to write (and read!) stories and poems. She lives on a little farm with dogs, goats, chickens, and one fluffy cat. Her favorite summer pastime has been caring for and cuddling six baby goats! Lydia also loves learning and playing the piano and guitar.