September/October 2022

Cotswold Gardens

Performed by Elizabeth Kiswani

Used with permission from Beth West, composer and teacher.

My piano teacher has taught me to arrange music and to compose piano pieces, which I have come to love. I admire my teacher’s creativity and passion for music. Her compositions have been an inspiration to me. I didn’t think I was capable of composing music, but she showed me how to do this step by step. I enjoy it and look forward creating to more. I also like arranging because it enables me to incorporate my own style to the intro, bridge, and ending of a piece. Arranging and composing have made a difference in my piano playing because it has encouraged me to be creative and expressive.

The song I played for this issue was written by my teacher, Ms. West. You can learn more about Beth West Music at:

About the Musician

Elizabeth Kiswani loves playing the piano and composing music. When she’s not playing piano, Elizabeth enjoys riding horses, reading, and spending time with her family.